SciFi Generator Design in Blender

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Two courses in one.

Course 1:

Modeling, design, rendering and post-processing tutorial for a mobile generator in Blender

What you'll get:

  • 5 hours video content
  • Complete modeling & rendering tutorials
  • Post-processing in Photoshop
  • Project files

This course focuses on:

  • Improving design skills in creating realistic sci-fi models
  • Creating balanced blockouts
  • Detail placement


Course 2:

This course has been revamped with additional photorealistic rendering tutorials, game optimization, and an effective texturing workflow in Substance Painter.

This course focuses on creating a professional looking render image via texturing and compositing.

You will gain following skills:

  1. High To Low Poly Decimation
  2. UV Unwrapping
  3. Texture Sets
  4. Island Packing
  5. Texel Density
  6. Triangulation & Exporting
  7. Baking in Marmoset
  8. Texturing in Substance Painter
  9. Exporting Maps from SP
  10. Compositing in Blender
  11. Rendering in Cycles
  12. Compositing in Photoshop

This course utilizes the Hard Ops & Boxcutter addons, and we'd highly recommend getting them if you don't have them yet. Decal Machine part is optional.  Knowledge of basic Blender tools is required.

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