Hard Surface Unwrapping in Blender

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UV Unwrapping - a headache we all have to go through. Why not avoid that headache altogether?

This short course is a combination of all the essential tricks Blender Bros have learned over their years of using Blender.

You will receive the blend file used as an example (one empty, one unwrapped) and the video tutorials. The course can be streamed or downloaded.

If you're a hard-surface artist, this course is especially valuable (many tricks can be applied to hard-surface models specifically).

Who is it for?

This course is for both vanilla and addon users (it covers both workflows).

We also show how to use two useful addons: Zen UV and UVPackmaster 2

They are paid, but are extremely useful for unwrapping speed and packing.

Don't worry - we show how to do everything without them as well, but we will always use UVPackmaster 2 after unwrapping (you can alternatively use Blender's built-in packing tool).

Why do I need this course?

The content contained here is exactly what we wish we had when we were learning the ins-and-outs of UVs and unwrapping.

Put simply, jumping around YouTube for days on end piecing this info together is a waste of time. Everything is contained here in terms of essential unwrapping techniques, and extends beyond what most other videos will cover.

If you have any additional questions, feel free to email us at info@blenderbros.com or contact us on our website.

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Hard Surface Unwrapping in Blender

16 ratings