A-Z Environment Design using Trim Sheets

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Welcome to A-Z Environment Design using Trim Sheets!

This is a fully comprehensive course covering EVERYTHING Trim Sheets.

What is included?

6 trim sheets

• Modeling & designing Trim Sheets

• Full environment design + modeling tutorial

• Environment texturing in MINUTES using Trim Sheets

• Vanilla Trim Sheet workflow (no addons necessary)

• Decal Machine trim sheet workflow (for extreme efficiency)

• Quixel Mixer Trim Sheet texturing

• 3 solutions to texturing trim sheets

• Exporting into Unreal Engine

• Avoiding the weeks of headaches piecing everything together about trims

This is a  $270 value for only $97.


Trim Sheets are simply texture planes that you unwrap over objects. The process is exactly the same as unwrapping and projecting a texture onto a mesh.

The benefits? No extra geometry is needed, and absolutely no modeling is required. 2 clicks and you have realistic models and details applied to your mesh.

This course will not only show you how to model your own from scratch, but will also provide you with an additional 6 trims for FREE (these took several hours to make each, so the total value of the trims included is $170).

This is one of the most powerful ways to create optimized game assets. You can have an incredibly low poly object that looks extremely detailed with no extra modeling needed!

We'll even show you how to use them in Unreal Engine for you game gurus :)


Modeling environments is extremely time confusing. Adding detail is even more time consuming.

As a 3D artist, time is EVERYTHING. Instead of modeling an insane amount of details from scratch, you can simply design a trim sheet and "trim" the details off and unwrap it over your scenes. It's that easy!

The environment you see in the cover art was textured in 30 minutes. Seriously. 30 minutes. If we modeled all that detail from scratch, it would've taken days.

Popular games including Doom, Call of Duty, Destiny, and most of the big ones use trim sheets everywhere! Next time you play one of these, check for textures on walls and such. Usually it is not geometry, but in fact a trim sheet texture!


This course is for aspiring game-artists, environment artists, and general 3D gurus, and scifi hard surface enthusiasts in general, even if they are beginners at trim sheets.

This course is a no-brainer for anyone interesting in the game asset pipeline, environment design, or anyone who simply wants to save time and get on to what matters most: your artwork!


How do they work? Well that's what this course is all about, of course!

We'll show you literally EVERYTHING (that's why we called it A-Z of course) that you need to know about trims. No stone is left unturned in this course.

Also, we really want to see what you come up with in your designs using these trims. We encourage you to share your work, for both inspiration and critique. Here is our Discord server and Facebook group

What you need for the course

Well technically, you don't really need anything, except passion and a will to learn.

We do, however, use Hard Ops and Boxcutter to assist with modeling. You can easily do the same modeling using the default Blender tools, but modeling will simply take longer. Feel free to copy our modeling with whatever modeling strategy you prefer.

Decal Machine is also extremely beneficial. We use it quite a bit because it has built in trim sheet tools allowing for efficient trimming and texturing. We will show you all this in the course. It is one of the best tools you can have in your toolbelt.

Any questions? Drop us a line at info@blenderbros.com

Please keep it course related, though (we get loads of emails).

*Note: The early bird bonus period has ended. All contents listed in this description are what you'll be receiving, minus the bonus trim sheet (so you are still getting 6 trims, but not the bonus 7th trim).

We're really excited to have you as a part of this course. Let's get trimming!

- Josh & Ryuu

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6 Trim Sheets (actually 7, one duplicate with different textures)
$170 value
Trim sheet modeling + design tutorial
$60 value
Full environment design tutorial
$70 value
Vanilla Trim Sheet tutorial
$20 value
Quixel Mixer Trim Sheet texturing
$10 value
3 solutions to texturing trims
$10 value
Unreal Engine Export
$20 value
Decal Machine Implementation
$30 value
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A-Z Environment Design using Trim Sheets

45 ratings